Vtiger 6 expected release date

Everyone is  eagerly waiting for the latest release of vtiger. As per the information from the developers the latest version of vtiger 6 is expected to be released in this august.

Vtiger 6 is coming with a lots of changes with its previous version 5.4 .  Last year they have released a developer release of version 6 . I have played many times with this developer version.

Some notable features are,

1) Vtiger 6 follows a MVC structure, so its now more developer friendly and more easy to customise.

2) It uses twitter bootstrap and LESS CSS for UI . The aesthetic of version 6 becomes very much impressive and creating and customizing becomes very easy now due to the LESS CSS.


Apart from the structure change and UI change vtiger 6 comes with a lots of new features.

Other than detail view it introduced a summery view, shows the summery of a record.

5.4 had on one common dashboard, but in  vtiger 6  each module has its own dashboard.

Going to related modules becomes so easy.

The new ajax driven UI makes it light weight and easy to use.


As a  vtiger developer now I am using developer (Early access) version of  vtiger6. Even though it has some minor bugs, but it is fixable by our self.  Even vtiger also using this developer version in their on demand as vtiger 5.10. Anyone can checkout the code from their svn http://trac.vtiger.com/svn/vtiger/vtigercrm/branches/6.0.0/ . Checkout from this url and play with it , you will really love it .

I would like to here from other vtiger developers and users . write your thoughts here



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